Covid 19 Info

Keeping everyone safe

Bray Park Medical Practice is OPEN through these challenging times. 

In an effort to keep everybody safe and remain open we have put some new procedures in place

Face to Face consults are available.

To limit the amount of people inside the clinic, we are asking patients to wait in their cars/outside and to call the clinic to notify us of your arrival. The doctor will either meet you at your car, or will call and direct you from there. 

Please remember that this is not the time to ignore your health. People with any chronic condition that is managed well will be more able to cope with any infection particularly COVID-19. Please still book in for your routine health assessments, diabetes checks, immunisations and driver medicals as per normal. We strongly advise that you keep regular appointments with your Doctor.

Telehealth services are also available. 

This allows you to connect to see a doctor by phone without ever having to come into the practice in person. The doctor will do all possible examinations virtually or organise scripts, medical certificates or referrals and advise what further steps you may need to follow. 

This will help keep patients more protected, to reduce the risk of exposure to a potential source of the coronavirus in keeping with the Queensland Governments latest regulations.

Scripts and referrals are able to be faxed, emailed or posted to either yourself or your local pharmacy of choice or healthcare provider. 

Telehealth services will be completely bulk-billed to all children under 16, pensioners, health care card holders and veterans affairs. 
If you had any further questions please call the clinic
ph: 3205 4088.       

Can I be prescribed medication via telehealth?
Yes - scripts can be picked up or sent to your nominated Pharmacy.

Can my GP order me a test? (e.g pathology/imaging test)
Yes - requests can be emailed to you or faxed to pathology/imaging

Are there special privacy requirements for telephone consultations?
The same privacy requirements that apply to face to face consultations will apply to consultation via the telephone. Patients should discuss any concerns with their treating health professional.

What if the telephone connection drops out? Do I need to make another appointment?
No, it is the same service; once you have reconnected, you should continue the consultation as normal.

How to book an appointment?
In the same way as a face to face appointment: call 07 3205 4088 or book online

How to connect?
If you have been scheduled for a telephone consultation, the health care professional will call you.

17 Sparkes Rd, 

Bray Park Qld 4500