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Telehealth consultations, allowing you to speak to your doctor via telephone without leaving your home or workplace.

Our Telehealth service offers patients a convenient, secure way to access health care.

​Telehealth Consultations can be booked online, using the Telephone Consult options.

​If you require a script, these can be delivered to your preferred pharmacy, and referrals can be sent directly to your preferred specialist or health care provider. 

Telehealth services will be completely bulk-billed to all children under 16, pensioners, health care card holders and veterans affairs. 

Click here to view our Telehealth billing policy 

Bray Park Medical Practice is OPEN through these challenging times. 

In an effort to keep everybody safe and remain open we have put some new procedures in place.

You can view our COVID-19 Safety plan here.

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Face to Face consults are available.

Please remember that this is not the time to ignore your health. People with any  chronic condition that is managed well will be more able to cope with any infection particularly COVID-19. Please still book in for your routine health assessments, diabetes checks, immunisations and driver medicals as per normal. We strongly advise that you keep regular appointments with your Doctor.

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